Who has changed your life?

Every morning I get up and take 30 minutes to an hour with God, before work.  It took time, but I made it part of my routine.  My friend Lauren calls it "Coffee with God."  I have a journal where I write my prayers, things I'm grateful for, ask questions and close with "Love, Brenda".  Then I sit quietly.  I was told that prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening to God.

It's not like I hear this voice telling me the answers, tho it would be nice sometimes.  Subtlety is lost on me, generally speaking.  Mostly I get me answers from other people... God with skin on.  I always get my answer, if I am willing to listen.

You know those friends who you knew the moment you met they would be in your life forever?  Kindred spirits, soul-mates or best friends, whatever you call them, they have a piece of your heart.  These are the people who usually deliver the answers I need.

My friend, Dee, introduced me to some books by the author Brene' Brown.  You gotta love Texas girls! They don't put up with any crap from anyone!  I am not a native Texan, but I got here as fast as I could.  I have lived here longer than any other place in my life.  I have to say that after all 19 years, I moved to the Fort Worth side for the first time.  What an amazing place to live!

Brene's book, The Power of Vulnerability, changed my life.  Her studies revealed so many of the things I have been struggling with all my life.  Her guideposts helped get me over the hump and into a place of not just peace, but a place of  joy.  Here is the link to her website brenebrown.com.  I recommend the audio book for this title.  She is so funny and so honest.  This is a brave woman with a gift.

So tell me about a person, book or event that changed your life for the better?