3 More Down

Good Morning!  My Saturday was filled with first the anxiety of putting on a bathing suit for the first time in many years.  Even though It looked flattering I was not ready to go to a class in it. I wore it all day, like I was getting to know an old friend.

My brain remembers wearing a little string bikini...at 49 it's a tankini with a skirt.  I have moved into acceptance, but it was a tough step.

Being around other people in a bathing suit will be a huge step for me.  I am a stronger person and love myself so  much more than ever before, but can I handle someone saying something mean?  I don't know.

So instead I got my finances together and addressed making sure my 401K is adequate for retirement.  If anyone has used the tools to estimate what you need to retire you may have noticed the same things I did.

  1. They only expect you to live 20 years beyond retirement.  Based on my family history we could live into our hundreds.
  2. They are estimating that 37% of your retirement income is coming from Social Security.  I would love to believe that little fantasy, but I am not sure anyone in our government knows how to make that happen for my retirement.  I just can't count on it.
  3. They are estimating a 3% inflation rate, but I think the true inflation rate is more like 5 to  6 percent.

So I have come to the conclusion that I will be working long past normal retirement age and aiming to live very modestly, no debt, only basic living expenses and enough fun money for one big trip a year.

I will say that my company is very generous with the retirement plan, If I put in 6% the total contribution annually is 14% with their contributions.  I have a long way to go to be ready to retire, but I will probably always have some kind of business going so the brain will stay sharp and additional income will still come in.

Finally, I wrote a poem for the first time in many, many years:

A Deep Sense

When we meet there is a deep sense of safety,
a knowing that I am safe.
When our eyes connect there is a deep sense of acceptance,
a knowing that we are worthy of each others love. 
When we talk there is a deep sense of honesty, raw communication,
a knowing that we can trust each other.
When we walk, our fingers intertwined, there is a deep sense that silence is comfortable,
a knowing that our souls are talking in the silence.
When we hug there is a deep sense that going slow feels right,
a knowing that rushing is not a better way to go.

I believe this and when I meet this man, God will give me that deep sense,
a knowing that this man is a GIFT.

#1 of 50 and 96 days to go

Sunday I took one item off my list!  I was originally going to use my bottle cutter thingy to cut some beer bottles and wine bottles into glasses and containers to make candles in, but I can't get it to work.

So instead I broke out the paints and painted one of the bottles.

I am not sure I am done with it, but I like it so far.

This weekend is bike riding, yoga, zumba and poetry!! Stay tuned!!

50 Things I will do before I turn 50

Hello my friends!

I finally finished my Corporate Taxation course and re-entered the world of the normal.. I am reclaiming my creative mind and happy life!!  For my first post in July I am counting down to my 50th birthday...101 days away.  I have made a list of 50 things I am going to do before I turn 50.

  1. Attend each of the free exercise classes offered at my apartment complex. (Maybe one will stick?!)
  2. Go Kayaking
  3. Take a dance class

  4. Swim for exercise at least once
  5. Rock wall climbing
  6. Go Bike Riding
  7. Go Rollerblading
  8. Get my passport
  9. Get my CHL
  10. Take a road trip to Colorado
  11. Girls weekend in San Antonio
  12. Visit the Texas Capital
  13. Take a Photography Class 
  14. Volunteer to fight cancer
  15. Volunteer at Hope's door
  16. Meditate by the Ocean
  17. Paint my dresser
  18. See Family and Friends in California
  19. Take a mosaic class
  20. Make a mini terrarium
  21. Take a painting Class
  22. Take a pottery Class
  23. Take a jewelry making class
  24. Go to a drive-in Movie theater
  25. Go to an outdoor music event
  26. Sell something on Etsy
  27. Dance in the rain
  28. Wear a bathing suit and get in a pool
  29. Random Act of Kindness
  30. Pay a stranger a compliment
  31. Write a poem for my blog
  32. Start contributing to my 401K again
  33. See a nutritionist
  34. Start Invisaline
  35. Take a glass blowing class
  36. Take a knitting class
  37. Take a pottery class
  38. Go Horseback Riding
  39. See the Ballet
  40. See the FW Synphony Orchestra
  41. Go to a trampoline place and exercise
  42. Indoor sky diving
  43. See Corpus Cristy
  44. Pay off my car repairs
  45. Make my business profitable
  46. Make stuff to sell out of empty wine bottles
  47. Make bath oils and bath salts
  48. Do yoga at home
  49. Inspire someone
  50. Write a love letter to myself

If anyone knows of places in the DFW area that will help me reach my goal please share!!I basically have to do one every other day.