Quote of the Day - Brene' Brown

I love Brene's montras.  One I am currently practicing with is her boundary montra:

"Choose discomfort over resentment."

I am an over committer by admission.  I want you to like me, admire me, think I am the most awesome person you ever met.  I know I am not, but I have spent years needing everyone's approval.  I don't need that today, but saying yes is a habit.

This is what I do to keep from over committing today:

1. PAUSE - don't respond immediately
2. I repeat in my head - Choose discomfort over resentment 10 times.
3. Kindly refuse:  "Thank you for thinking of me, but I do not have the time in my schedule for that right now, but please ask me again next time." STOP that is all I need to say.

I have learned to keep it simple.  Too much talking gets me in trouble.

How do you practice boundary setting in your life?