Quote of the day: My monkey mind.

I am one of those that my mind is constantly thinking, calculating, processing, anticipating or planning what is going to happen.  That is MY monkey mind.  It is a part of myself I have to consciously work to quiet.  It never stops, but I can quiet it by just trying to not engage the thoughts.  Let them pass like a bird flying by.

It's interesting that recently there has been a hummingbird that visits me during my meditation on my porch.  It has only just started, but I have my eyes closed and I hear the buzzing of his wings.  My brain thinks BEE!, so my eyes fling open and I jump a little, which scares him off.  I am going to get a hummingbird feeder to encourage him to hang out here.  I think that I must be giving off a good vibration for him to come so close.

Do you have a monkey mind?  Do you have a wild pet that visits you?