Personal Finance App - Awesome!!

I am always trying to find that financial tool that makes it easy to track my spending, budget and not let anything slip through the cracks.  Honestly, I will not take the time to manually track my spending, but it is SO important that I see what I am spending.  I can forget things I have spent my money on by the end of the day.

I tried an app called EEBA Budget (Goodbudget), but I didn't keep up with it so it didn't do me any good.  I am in inherently lazy.  I do accounting all day and don't feel like working on finances again at home.  It has to be very low maintenance.

I recently invested in a Kindle Fire HDX and one of the free apps it promoted is Intuit Personal Finance. I loaded it on my Fire and linked it to my bank and  ''''POOF'''' there it was my balance, spending in a pie chart and a starter budget.  It is easy to follow and set up your own budget and it will track everything for you.

It will track your credit card spending, everything.  This is going to make doing my taxes a piece of cake next year.  Visibility is key to changing any bad habit.

Now all I need is an app that will track my food as I eat it and I'll be good!!  Hehehehe!!

How do you track your finances?

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