Raining Flowers

What do I see first thing every morning? & What is my favorite purchase to date?

This post answers both those questions.

How many of you enjoy going into to random antique shops just to see what their current finds are?  This is something I have been doing only recently, the last year or so.

There is the tiny shop packed with furniture, letters, lamps, anything you might want.  The first time I walked in she had 3 branches hanging for the ceiling with paper flowers in varying shades of red to pink handing from them.  The flowers were on wires and all tangled up and some had been stepped on.  I couldn't stop looking at them.

I walked around the shop for 30 minutes and couldn't stop thinking what I could do with them.  The shop owner came up and said she had those in the corner on the floor and had just hung them up this morning.  She purchased them from a display they were changing out at the store Free People, a boho style shop.

I had to buy them as a set.  I picked them up for $60.  When I got home I untangled everything got all the flowers on one branch and hung it over my bedroom window.  I get so much joy whenever I see it. Worth every penny.

The remaining 2 branches are wrapped in white lights and light up my patio during my meditation each day.

What do you have in your home that gives you joy every time you see it?