3 Fitness Tools

I am always looking for the latest fitness toy that I can use to see how much activity I do each day.  Honestly, this should not be a taxing job for any of them.  I have tried many, but I thought I would give my feedback on my most recent toys.

Activelink by Weight Watchers - This in theory is a great idea.  There are many that are using the USB thing to pug into your computer to transmit the data and track everything from your steps to your heart rate, sleeping patterns.  It works fine, but what I am not fond of is the fact that it only is good as long as you are willing to pay the fee for the site.  Also, USB ports don't like going through the laundry.

Nike+ Running App- This is an awesome tool.  I got it when I was training and doing half marathons. It is very cool.  This comes on your iPhone or you can get a chip and sensor for you iPod.  This not only tracks your workout, but will communicate with you as you listen to your music.  I found it motivating on the long runs especially.  The only thing I didn't like was when I used the elliptical it did not pick up any of the workout through the sensor.  However, I have found that the gym equipment at my apartment complex will automatically connect to your Nike+ and track your workout on the elliptical or treadmill.  There is not cost to view your workouts.  They have lots of other toys, but I have not played with them.

FitBug - This is my latest toy and I love it so far.  It is kind of a mix between the Activelink and Nike+.  This is an Orb that you can wear on your wrist, clip on your cloths or wear around your neck and it will track all your activity through the day and night.  It will automatically feed you information to an app on your phone.  You can track everything and there is no fee for the app.  This cool toy is $50 and comes in various colors.  I like it because I don't have to wear it on  a band around my arm and I don't need a monitor around my chest.  As far as cost and comfort this one wins hands down.