Tour Through Blogland!

Let's take a tour today!!  Thanks to one of my dearest friends, Hot Mess Princess (HMP), author of Hot Mess Princess, I am writing this post today.  I borrowed her picture for my post. :)

Let me start by saying that Dianne is a great source of inspiration to me, and one of the few people I can say I feel safe around.  As she said in her post, I am "a work in progress!"  Yes, I was the driver in the 2013 DFW Penis Expedition....  I laughed so hard during that trip I think I pulled a muscle.

Another of HMP's posts I love, because we worked on it together, is 50 Awesome Things To Do Before 50.   Seriously, it is harder than you would think to come up with 50 things to put on the list, never mind complete them.  I will say I am not going to be able to finish my list, since I turn 50 on the 16th.  Yes, Thursday I turn 50.  I am so proud of Dianne and I hope she completes her list.

This HMP post is one of my favorites just because of the title!!   There's Too Much Hair Down There.  You are going to have to read it to find out what the story is.  Be brave my friends!! 

I have to say HMP is so funny, honest, loving and the best friend a girl could have.  Now I will answer the list of questions for the tour.

Question 1: What am I working on right now?

Well, I am working on myself.  I have come to the realization, in the past few weeks, that I once again have to ask for help.  I HATE asking for help.  I wrote a post on shame and really that is where I need work.  I had to face the hard fact that I have an eating disorder and I can't fix it on my own.  So at 50 I get to start a new journey and I plan on blogging my way through it.  I want women to know that no matter their addiction, there IS hope and there IS a way through to happiness.  If my journey helps save even one woman's life, this journey is worth it, even if it is only my own.  I AM WORTH IT!!

Question 2: How does my game differ from other's in the same genre? 

I am not even sure where I fall in the "genre".  I tend to be all over the place and just write from the heart.  I'm very new at this and am still not sure if I will ever hone in on one topic.

Question 3: Why do I create/write what I do?

My blog is simply to share my experience, strength and HOPE with any reader that happens by.   What I post is from my heart.  I want to express my gratitude for the blessings I have received.  I what to give hope to anyone that feels lost and alone.  There is a place on the other side of tough things, where there is peace,  I have a very long list of tough things that I have walked through, and I imagine there are even more coming, but I know that on the other side there is peace, strength and a better me.

Question 4:  How does my creative writing process work?

Am I supposed to have a process?  Maybe that's part of my problem.  I basically do a "data dump" on to the page and then I try and clean it up for public consumption.  When I feel the need to share my experience I do, but as you can see I have not been in a place to share anything in a while.  I struggle trying to find a balance between being courageous and TMI.

The Q&A is over.  I am so happy to introduce Brittany.  I have been following her blog for a while.  I subscribe to her blog tips.  I tend to fall in the "common mistakes new bloggers make" side of things, but that's ok.  I am always willing to learn.  Brittney's blog is

I knew I was going to love her blog the minute I saw her video on her "About" tab "Want to hear a song I wrote?"  I love it!  It made me smile.  She won me over right then and there.

8 Things I Can't Live Without...  I actually only have one of those things, Amazon Prime, but she is right...I can't live without it!!  Well, maybe I could, but why!!??

This could have come in handy a number of years ago, 26 Semi-Hilarious Marriage Tips.  It is a very fun and informative read.

Finally, How to Do It All (and Not Go Insane), my favorite is "Know when to quit".

Brittney's blog is a must read!!  Check it out.  Leave her some comment love!!  I hope you visit me again soon!!

I love y'all!