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The emphasis of this page is on CREATE!

Growing up I always enjoyed making things and being creative. When I was in college I took a creative writing course.  I had to keep a journal and write daily.  I loved it.  I wrote lots of poetry and funny stories.
The professor basically told that I am a bad writer.  At that point I stopped writing poetry and journaling.

I basically stuffed any desire I had to be creative and just focused on work.  I spent 25 years being a great Accountant and telling myself that my writing is horrible.

I started journaling again a year ago.  A friend told me about a book called  "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. This book helped me step out of my comfort zone.  My journaling increased and I have tried all kinds of creative things.  My spirit is full of life.  I am so happy.

Here are some of the things I have done.

1. Decorate my apartment to make it reflect me.  The art is my personal creations.

This is my indoor meditation area.

 I loved this plaque and had to get it!

2. Take classes and try new things

I took an art class in February and made this.  I so love this!!

I have a large stash of bottles to decorate.  During the holiday's I was decorating bottles and making wall flowers.

I found this wood frames and added the flowers.  I just couldn't sell it.  It is now in my bathroom offsetting the fact that the fame part of my bagua is in the bathroom.

This is the Wall flower in my bedroom.  I made it from a Victoria's Secret catalog.  I love it!!

This is the first wallflower I made and attached it to a window.  It is over my dining table and is one of my favorite pieces.

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